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  Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Students
is a joint effort between Noon and Sunrise Clubs

Interested in being a host family for future students???

Host Family Information

What responsibilities will I have as a host family?
To accept the exchange student as a new member of your family. The student will be governed not only by the rules of the program but by the rules of your household. You are responsible for the safety of the exchange student the same as for your own children. Although you might have a bit more of the soccer mom or dad for normal everyday activities it is not your responsibility to act as a taxi service of a tour guide. Rotarians for the hosting club will be helping in these areas.

How long would I host a student?
If you volunteer to be a hosting family you can expect a student to live with you for about 3 months, but it varies depending on how many families are involved, when the move date is convenient for the families and the student, holidays, vacations, etc.

What are my obligations as a host family?
The easiest way to explain this is to say that your exchange student should be treated as you would treat your own child. The only area you will probably have outside help will be transportation. Otherwise, consider yourself to have another son or daughter. Entering into hosting with this frame of mind is the most rewarding. Ask any family that has hosted before.

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Inbound Exchange StudentĀ  Responsibilities
* Personal clothing and incidental expenses
* Be self-sufficient and helpful around the home
* Be active with in the Rotary Club and attend meetings
* Make friends

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